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Writing Season is Coming

Every year around November, I feel energized to write something new.

Sure, it's NanoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, but it's also hibernation season for me. In the life of winter hibernation, I snuggle into my favorite sweat pants and hoodies, light candles, and prove to myself how interesting spending six months at home can be.

I'm not a winter kind of girl. The brush of cold that comes along with mid-afternoon darkness puts me in a ... mood. It's the bone-deep chill, never get warm again kind of feeling. My husboy and teenager love it. Meanwhile, I curl in deeper to myself, desperate for an ounce of warmth in our over-chilled home.

The daydreams about our new pool from this past summer will be the most exciting parts of my day. But the one thing I look forward to every winter for the last 8 years has been to sit down and play out my new winter friends in my head. The characters I create that are in much cooler places than the trenches of our home. They get to do interesting things, create new possibilities, live through daydreams and build such beautiful love stories that create an escape from my icy hell. So this winter, while the snowbirds cuddle on the couch with a steaming drink of choice and the Hallmark channel, I look forward to building new worlds. I can't wait to show you what I have in store.

These stories all have an element of empowerment. They aim to show that even in our darkest hour, the elements of strength that we hold dear will give us the light we need to make it through. It's that forward dream for summer to return.

My friend doesn't call me Freeze Baby without reason. While autumn and winter are just showing their faces, hinting towards the cold-to-come, I am already searching for the that sunshine. The Happily Ever After. The warm, giving sunlight and passionate dreams of summer.

For now, I'll write.

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